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100,000 Government vacancy

100,000 Government vacancy


Accordingly, the recruitment process and applications will be announced before January 20.

The objective of this multipurpose development process is to build up the living conditions of the poor members of Samurdhi recipient families and those who are not eligible for Samurdhi assistance.
6 months of training; Then stable employment
Identify those who can contribute to the labor force in such families and give them a career opportunity after 6 months of training in relevant fields. Significantly, they will be provided employment in the areas where they live.
Those who do not have any educational qualifications or are not educated at the lower level of education will be selected for this purpose. One lakh industries will be provided under Phase I covering the entire country. Graduates and higher educators have career opportunities in streamlining and managing these issues.
The method of choice
Between 300 and 350 persons will be recruited in each divisional secretariat. Those who are qualified are selected under the watchful eye of field officers, including the general secretary of the temple, other religious leaders, district secretaries and the Grama Niladhari. It is also decided to involve some of the most skilled in the security side to ensure that the selection process is in place.

Appointment; Training
Eligible recipients will be employed in schools, hospitals and government agencies for non-qualified occupations. Steps have been taken to provide training and services to carpentry, agriculture, fisheries, forestry and other areas. Recruitment and training will be under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces.

100000 government vacancy

100,000 government vacancy