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Search Friends For social media apps
Are you tired of always chatting with the same people, friends, family, in social media apps? Would you like to talk to other people? Is your contact list small? Then this app will bring you a lot of fun and entertainment- for free!
are you alone ? Do you mess with talking to the same people, friends, family at social media apps? Do you want to talk to new people? Is your contact list small?


This app will save a lot of fun and new friends
This is a simple application that adds new friends to your contact list This App is simple application to generate random Contacts phone and find Friends on social media apps App And Other Chat Apps!Some facts about this application:
Start as many talkers as you want, just do not disturb people
Meet new people with the same interests Launch an application and you’ll enjoy it
Do not forget to evaluate an application
Advantages :This application is available in four languages: English, French, Arabic, SpanishCreate new contacts with a button
Clear all contacts that created an app with a single click
Automatic scanning of all contacts that are not available on a social media apps account
The design is simple, beautiful and comfortable for the eye

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We´ve got lots of ladies who submitted their numbers to us. We guess the ratio is about 60% females/40% males
Get instant access to a pool of more than 1000 social media apps users who submitted their number
Start as many chats as you want- just please don´t spam.
Meet new people- they want the same thing and are only a click away!
Optional: Submit your number to receive messages from strangers, too! (Just if you like)
Start this app- Start a new Chat- and enjoy!
Don´t forget to rate us!


Features :

Easy and fast ways to generate random phone contacts

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Delete generated contacts from App

Awesome Desing

After finished generating Contacts , Go to the social media apps and See new friends!

Try it now and Enjoy

selful on situations like:
– Someone called you and you want to contact it via Whats App?
– You need to send a message to someone but you don’t want to save it?
– You want to start a chat with yourself?
How to use the Direct Chat Open in WhatsApp ?



Open the app and enter a number.
Click on OPEN IN WA button.
You can click on “Save for later use” checkbox for saving the number.
Optionally you can enter a name to save along with number.
Swipe for left to view the menu (You can see saved and starred contacts inside the menu)
Long press to delete, add/rename the contact number.
Click on the star icon left to the contact to star the contact.

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Features in Direct Chat Open in WhatsApp

One click to open any number to start chat.
Save number with name for future reference.
Delete, make favorite, add/change name for a specific number.
Super lite weight and user friendly design.

If you are frustrated that you can’t open whatsapp message without adding contact, then you find our whatsapp help tool extremely handy. Not only you can open message you can continue to chat directly in an easy to use and enjoyable messenger .