Banking trainee-NationsTrust bank

we are amoung srilanka faster growing banks driven dynamic vision for out future we have adopted industry best practices and word class technology paramount to our success is our rigorous employee selection process,where each individuals mapped to a specific task within the bank.nations trust  banking trainee

Motorpool Assistant -Embassy,colombo

EMBASYwe encourage both women and men to apply for this position the united states embassy seeks a drivers work force with equal opportunity for all peoples with out regards to race color nationalage disability political affiliation married status .colombo is seeking qualification candidates for the position of  the motor pool assistant and files and provides clerical...

Office Assistant -kks ministry of education

 KKSThe applications are invited from suitable qualification and experience individuals for the following positions of the project management unit of the nearest school is the best school national programme for school development      CLOSING DATE-21.AUGUST.2K19education kks


supervising technical activities preparing of required gross estimates and checking and approving technical evaluation reports of the projects carried out buy southern development board. technical ports

Management assistant – urban authority development

urban auwill given o the suitable applications those who have un additional qualification field of landscape architecture experience in reputed organization    closing date- 2k19.August.25thURBAN FURBAN SECENDURBAN MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT

university Ratmalana

Ministry of industry and commerce resettlement of protracted displaced persons,co-operative development and vocational training and skills development.              closing date-19k.08.25university radmalana

Technical Assistant – ports and shipping

  Ministry of port shippinggranting approval to check the development reports of project carried out buy the southern development interium board.closing date-2k19-08.29shipping port

Tea Small Holding Development authority

tea developmentsalary- A Month salary of Rs 53,175/ is entitled to this post as per management services circular No 02/2016 in addition to this govemn approved allowance will be paid.postsalary scalequalification     including this gazette pic..                           closing date-2019.8.27tea infrormation.