supervising technical activities preparing of required gross estimates and checking and approving technical evaluation reports of the projects carried out buy southern development board. technical ports

Management assistant – urban authority development

urban auwill given o the suitable applications those who have un additional qualification field of landscape architecture experience in reputed organization    closing date- 2k19.August.25thURBAN FURBAN SECENDURBAN MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT

university Ratmalana

Ministry of industry and commerce resettlement of protracted displaced persons,co-operative development and vocational training and skills development.              closing date-19k.08.25university radmalana

Technical Assistant – ports and shipping

  Ministry of port shippinggranting approval to check the development reports of project carried out buy the southern development interium board.closing date-2k19-08.29shipping port

Tea Small Holding Development authority

tea developmentsalary- A Month salary of Rs 53,175/ is entitled to this post as per management services circular No 02/2016 in addition to this govemn approved allowance will be paid.postsalary scalequalification     including this gazette pic..                           closing date-2019.8.27tea infrormation.