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Srilanaka Airforce Officer Vacancies

Applications are invited from patriotic Male I Female professionals to serve as Commissioned Officers in the
Regular/Volunteer Forces Of the Sri Lanka Air Fo
We (Provide You the Skies – SLAT Invites (Professionals ..
echnical Engineering Branch
ChemiaaIEnOine•ring Officer •Male
lectronics En ineerin Branch
Eng i g Officer (Regu
Administrative Agriculture Branch
Administrative Audit Branch
– (Regular)
Administrative Veterinary Branch
Veterinary Officer. “(Ragu
Logistics Branch
MOSS Manager
Administrative Education Branch
Administrative Legal Branch
Administrative Band Branch
Band Master . W M i B and
Band Master – Ori.ntal Musie Beat Group’ Orion tal
Orchestra – Female (Regular j
Band Master • Dancing Drumming (Dance Troupe)
Medical Branch
Consult.nt Physician – I Volu
Consultant Surgeon Maw (Voluntnr)
Consultant Anaesthetist • Male Female (Volunte
ConsultM1t Pediatrician – Male I Female (Voluntee
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Female (Volunteer)
Dental Branch
Dental Offia•r • Ma
Intern Train” D.ntalStud•nt F
(Rogular / Volunteer)
Mustbeacitizen OfSri Lanka Married or Unmarried Age: Not less than 18 and not more than” years as at
15th June 2021 (Not Moro than 40 years for medical Consultants)
Height : Male67.Scm and above (IES.0cm and above for Medical Dental Branches)
Female •
162.Ecm and above (160.0cm and above for Medical Dental Branches)
+ Weight : Male
• Female • + ColourVision:CP2 + Chest :
Visual Acuity : Left eye 6/6 and right eye 61S (Without Spectacles / Contact Lens) (Medical / Dental Branches 6/18 in each eye
corrected visual acuity with spectacle should be 616 in each eye).
In addition to required professional Degree qualifications following basic educational requirements must be
Minimum of six •C’ passes with English language, Science, Mathematics and a ‘S’ pass or above for Sinhala
/ Tamil language in one sitting at the GCE (OIL) Examination (additional and optional subjects are not
considered). Candidates who apply for technical type professions with higher professional qualifications
than required level, but with ‘S’ Pass for GCE OIL English language or ‘Ct Pass at the second sitting will be
considered for calling preliminary interviews.
Pearson I Edexcel I International Ordinary / Advance Level, GCSE, GCE and Cambridge exam
qualification may be considered subjected to a confirmation obtained from the Department of
Examination, Sri Lanka to effect that it is equalant to above basic educational qualifications.
Approximate gross annual salary including service and all other•léances:
AS. 64 • Squad/” Leader –
• Pilot Officer
Rs. C124,195.64 • Wing mander –
• Flying Officer
• Flight Lieutenant -3,
Meals & Accommodation
Air & Ground Transport
Medical & Recreational Facilities’
Married Quarters
Local & Foreign Train g
Holiday Homes
For futher details see Government Gazette member 2226 of 30th april 2d21
F6r me information call +94 11 24 95 900 and
Application Closing Date on 15th May 2021
Apply online web : qww.airforce.lk http:Nairforce.observerjcbs.Ik
Command Recruiting Officer
Sri Lanka Air Force Trade Training School

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